1. General Terms and Conditions / Scope

1.1     All legal transactions between the Principal and the Agent (Management Consultant) shall be subject to these General Terms and Conditions exclusively. The version valid at the time the Contract is concluded shall be applicable.

1.2     These General Terms and Conditions shall also apply to any future contractual relationships even if these General Terms and Conditions are not expressly referred to in collateral contracts.

1.3     Any conflicting General Terms and Conditions on the part of the Principal shall be invalid unless they have been explicitly accepted in writing by the Agent (Management Consultant).

1.4     If any provision of these General Terms and Conditions is or becomes invalid, the other provisions and any contracts concluded pursuant to these provisions shall not be affected thereby. The invalid provision shall be replaced by a provision which best corresponds to the intention and economic purpose of the invalid provision.

2. Scope of Consulting Assignments / Representation

2.1     The scope of each particular consulting assignment shall be individually agreed by


2.2     The Agent (Management Consultant) shall be entitled to subcontract, in whole or in

part, the services for which the Agent is responsible to third parties. Payment of said third

parties shall be effected exclusively by the Agent (Management Consultant). No contractual relationship of any kind shall exist between the Principal and said third party.

2.3     During the validity of this Contract and for a period of three years after termination

thereof, the Principal shall agree not to enter into any kind of business transactions with

persons or organisations the Agent (Management Consultant) employs to perform the

Agent’s contractual duties. In particular, the Principal shall not employ said persons or

organisations to render consulting services the same or similar to those offered by the

Agent (Management Consultant).

3. Principal’s Obligation to Provide Information / Declaration of Completeness

3.1     The Principal shall ensure that during the performance of the consulting

assignment, organisational conditions in the Principal’s place of business allow the

consulting process to proceed in a timely and undisturbed manner.

3.2     The Principal shall also inform the Agent (Management Consultant) in detail about

previously conducted and/or currently active consulting projects, including those in other

areas of competency.

3.3     The Principal shall, in a timely manner and without special request on the part of

the Agent, provide the Agent (Management Consultant) with all documents necessary to

fulfil and perform the consulting assignment and shall inform the Agent of all activities and

conditions pertinent to the performance of the consulting assignment. This includes all

documents, activities and conditions that become known or available during the
performance of the consulting assignment